Introduces Their 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee


(Houston, TX)—, a premier real estate investment company, has announced the introduction of their 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee. This guarantee promises homeowners who want to sell their homes that they will receive a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours of filling out the short form at The 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee is available to homeowners currently living in Houston and the surrounding areas.

“We’re all about creating win-win situations for homeowners who have found themselves in over their heads with a particular property,” said Guillermo Coronado, the Founder and Managing Broker at “We know that when a homeowner is facing foreclosure, probate, or otherwise owns a burdensome property, they want to get rid of it fast. This is exactly the kind of opportunity that our 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee provides. Homeowners who fill out our online form can expect a blazing-fast response from us so that they can get started right away on a solution to their property issues.”

In order to take advantage of the 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee, all that a homeowner needs to do is simply visit the company’s website at There, homeowners will be able to fill out and submit the short property information form located on the right side of the homepage. Once received by the staff, homeowners will be contacted within one day with a guaranteed fair cash offer for the home. This eliminates the hassle associated with the traditional home sales process and allows the homeowner to schedule a quick closing on the day of their choosing and have a check in their hand in as little as 5 days.

As Coronado continues, “Facing a difficult financial situation can be bad enough without having to deal with the prospect of a tedious sales process. Our 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee gets rid of this problem entirely. We encourage homeowners to contact us today so that we can design a custom solution to take the burdensome property off of their shoulders so that they can finally move on with their lives.”

Houston homeowners who are interested in selling their property should visit to learn more about the company’s 24-Hour Fair Offer Guarantee and their quick and easy sales process.

About gives fair all-cash offers to homeowners in Houston and the surrounding areas who need to sell their homes fast. They’ll guarantee that offer and can have a check in the homeowner’s hand in as little as 5 days. They have helped hundreds of Houston-area homeowners sell their burdensome, unwanted properties as-is, and many have commented about how easy the Houston home selling process went. The team at are professional home buyers offering a fast and fair cash offer with a guaranteed, on-time closing, usually in less than 7 days. They can help homeowners facing many types of situations, including foreclosure, divorce, relocation, damaged properties, and properties in probate.


The Beginner’s Guide to Properties

Why You Need to Hire a Property Management Firm? You’d enjoy huge profits from real estate property investments such as investments in homes and rental apartments but this is only possible with good management. A ineptly managed investment can only result in serious financial problems. Most probably you will end up dealing with irritated customers or even worse with worrying and costly legal actions. Possibly, like many property investors, you are not well versed in managing property or you don’t know enough to make optimum profits or enough to make your tenants happy. It is possible also that you really know something but can’t really assume active management duties. A management issue is a difficulty that needs quick resolution and the most effective way is to engage a skilled property manager. If your investments in housing or rental apartments are located in Phoenix, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a reliable property manager. Numerous property management companies operate in the city and all you have to do to find them is search for their websites in the net. However, you need to be extra careful when you choose a properly management company. Some rental owners are not really satisfied with the quality of services provided by the managers they hire.
A Simple Plan: Residences
There are ways of finding a manager with the required skills to manage your property. Asking fellow realtors and clients for referrals is always a good idea. When referrals do not produce results, that’s when visiting property management websites is most useful. You should find in these sites information on managers’ services. Information about the properties they are currently managing will give you glimpse of how good at they are at their work. You’ll likewise find customer testimonies or feedback in the online sites. Reading some of the posts should be very useful. Clients are always the best people to consult about a manager’s services.
A Simple Plan: Residences
After you’ve identified the firms you want to more about, next step is ask for consultations with their people. There are certain things you need to ascertain when you meet with the companies. The most important of them is the contracts. You must look at what their contracts say about occupancy, collection and recording of rent, maintenance of buildings, visits and frequency of visits to sites. The cost of managers’ services is another factor you have to think about very carefully. Of course you want a skilled manager but at a price that is reasonable. Managing rental properties such as homes, apartments and condominiums poses difficult problems to investors who do not have enough experience in dealing with renters. But they can easily resolve this problem by engaging a firm specializing in rental property management services. They just need to engage the best.

The Essentials of Companies – Breaking Down the Basics

Realtor Business Cards – Capturing More Market with Great Effectiveness When it comes to realtors nowadays, one of their most common methods is to show you a few properties you may be interested in and the rest is up to you. They usually give you their business cards and tell you to simply give them a call after you have decided which property you want to buy. If you are a realtor and you want to stay in the business, this is one of the most important things you simply cannot ignore. One factor you need to take into account are the kinds of clients you are dealing with when it comes to the decision you have to make about the kind of realtor business card you will be handing out for your clients. The kinds of business cards you could give can depend on the different kinds of clients you have that also have different kinds of lifestyles. Some of the kinds of people you will usually deal with are rich people while others belong to the upper middle class. Your sales can be boosted in a very effective manner if you take all these important points into account. So, if you are selling a home for rich people then the realtor business card you should be giving out should be able to make a connection between you and your clients in which classy would do. Your sales will be highly dependent on your realtor business cards so don’t forget about it. Dealing with a different target audience also means that you will need to hand out different kinds of realtor business cards that would suit their style. When it comes to the design of your realtor business card, your target market is your biggest factor to take into account before you decide. Whatever you do, never forget how important the power of a good design is. It is very important that your realtor business card can be distinguished because you are also competing with other realtors out there that are also employing the same kind of technique. Among other things, you also need to be creative when it comes to your realtor business card designs. The kind of places where the properties are being sold by you could also be considered as part of the realtor business card design if you think that would be best. Many clients respond to this kind of thing quite well and deals have been sealed because of it. You will probably be looking at a great career with the help of realtor business cards. Take these tips into account and you surely won’t regret it.Why Businesses Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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