I Needed to Find the Right Type of Guy to Spend My Life with

I had long wanted to visit some of the northern states, but had never had a chance to. I lived where it was so hot all the time, and I had no idea what it would be like to visit or live in a place where there are four different seasons every year that clearly stand out and there is snow almost every year during the winter season. When I met a guy from there, I soon ended up moving to where he lives, and we began looking for apartments in Forestville MD together. It seemed so surreal that I would meet such a good guy after many failed relationships, and it was even more surreal that I would be living somewhere that is so different climate-wise from what I’ve known all my life.

I have not been very good about picking good boyfriends. For too long, I liked the tough guys who were aggressive. I incorrectly thought that they were appealing because they would keep me safe in life. But guys who are bad boys typically look out for themselves, not you. They have not really had to worry about getting dates or having people like them, so they do what they want, when the want. Most of them cheated on me or tried to mentally abuse me. It was getting tiresome, and I finally got a bit more wise and stopped dating these kinds of horrible people.

The guy that I’m with now is a dream come true. He’s so kind to me in so many ways. He has respect for me. He is somewhat soft spoken and not aggressive at all, yet he does what he can to keep me safe and look out for me. It was such a surprise to learn that this is the type of person who will care for you for life.